Our technology and vendor selection services put you in control of technology investments and reduce the risk of making the wrong decision.

Choosing the right technology vendor is critical to the success or failure of many initiatives. Yet many organisations underestimate the time and effort it takes to make a well-informed decision.

At Cygnis, we’ve helped many clients think through the critical steps in the vendor-selection process: from assessing feasibility, gathering requirements, researching and evaluating and selecting vendors.

We are experienced at asking the right questions, setting up pilots or model offices to allow clients to test and learn about the technology before they commit.

There are many different techniques that can be used to narrow the field of contenders, but before choosing a finalist, we believe there are some useful steps to follow to have a greater chance of success:

  • Know what you want – Selecting the right vendor is made easier by good preparation on the buyer’s part. The better you can define your needs and convey them to a vendor, the better they can respond to your request.
  • Develop a list of use cases that need to be met – Knowing what you want can be articulated in terms of business activity, capabilities or benefits. At the very least list the key features you’d like from the technology and why that is important to your organisation.
  • Research trends and what is happening in your industry – Leverage external research reports such as Gartner, Forrester and IDC and speak to people in your industry to see what they use and whether they would recommend it.
  • Develop a consistent way of measuring each vendor – It’s easy to be swayed by a slick presentation or a friendly sales person, so make sure that all vendors are measured objectively and consistently. Having a list of factors you think are important and then scoring each vendor’s solution against that is more likely to keep you objective
  • Identify a pool of potential suppliers – Try and keep your list of potentials to less than 10. Consider more than just the features or innovative ways the technology works. Make sure practical considerations are taken into account e.g. how big is the company, is it likely to be around for a long time, what ongoing support is there, what are the upgrade options, what are the hidden costs of ongoing service?
  • Develop a plan and timeline towards purchase – Stay in control of the discussions and timeline rather than letting vendors influence this. Take the time early on to plan out when and how you’d like vendors to work with you.
  • Try before you buy – Technology investments are typically big expensive decisions that will have lasting impact on your business. Ensure that vendors provide you with an opportunity to work with the technology before committing to purchase. We mean more than just a generic sales demo. Set up a pilot, proof of concept or a model office to learn and test the technology before you commit.

There is a lot to consider and that’s why our clients value the experience and tried and tested approach to technology and vendor selection.

Our technology and vendor selection services
  • Develop technology procurement strategy
  • Project manage RFI and RFPs
  • Establish pilots or model offices for evaluating technologies
  • Design selection criteria and models
  • Negotiate with vendors on your behalf
  • Assess your technology needs
  • Provide technology research and comparison analysis
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