Our DevOps services ensure the right combination of methods, culture and tools are applied at a pace that fits with the needs of your organisation and bring IT and operations even closer together.

DevOps (Development and Operations) is a way of working that brings IT teams and operations teams together to improve collaboration, productivity and build better products more quickly and with less risk.

DevOps has a fairly recent IT management approach, which emerged in the early 2000s. DevOps is not about one IT tool or another. It is about behaviour and a mindset to leverage and use the correct tools, processes and management techniques that shorten and improve software development life cycles.

DevOps doesn’t seek to erase the differences between the two disciplines of software development and operations, but instead builds a bridge to make them work better together while continuing to follow traditional processes in each discipline independently.

DevOps is about business agility and continuous delivery, a discipline created through understanding both development and operations. The move to a DevOps culture is easier for smaller companies. For larger organisations we believe there are four stages of capability that need to be in place before an organisation is truly DevOps enabled, underpinned by the right culture and operating model:

DevOps when done right will give your organisation tangible benefits:

  • Faster speed to market and shorter development cycle
  • Increased product releases and less failures or roll backs
  • Improved defect and bug detection and quicker recovery when failure does happen
DevOps habits to start today
  • Make it easier for development and operations teams to talk to each other – more co-location, better collaboration tools
  • Implement feedback and feedforward loops – retrospectives, information sharing channels, heads-up forums
  • Find more ways to simplify and standardise the DEV and PROD environments
  • Encourage more writing of test scripts and low effort test automation
DevOps360 – our approach to bringing DevOps to your organisation

Cygnis Consulting has developed a service for implementing DevOps in a way that complements an organisation’s existing agile culture and delivery/IT service capabilities (Agile, ITIL and Lean):

DevOps360 has been designed to allow organisations who are new to DevOps to incrementally shift from traditional phased delivery models to a continuous delivery mindset. DevOps360 is not a software solution or an automation platform – it’s a way of implementing DevOps. It addresses the need for flexibility and speed and, along with DevOps solutions, it creates the ability to roll out business capabilities continuously.

DevOps360 leverages common DevOps maturity models, lean governance models and change management techniques to create a collaborative DevOps culture that helps organisations deliver applications faster and more reliably, while remaining flexible to react to market changes.

Our approach to DevOps has been designed to ensure the right combination of methods, culture and tools are applied at a pace that fits with the appetite and needs of the organisation:

  • Diagnostic and fit assessment – We assess existing software delivery maturity and identify opportunities that DevOps can bring to your organisation
  • Custom DevOps blueprint – Based on the diagnostic and DevOps principles we define a DevOps framework that considers your IT operating model. We then develop a blueprint action plan to mobilise a DevOps implementation
  • Organisational change – With the blueprint we work with you to manage the change through education, workshops, hands-on training, coaching and working alongside key stakeholders and teams. Adoption of DevOps is the goal.
  • DevOps governance –  In parallel we work with key stakeholders to implement a governance structure and policies that enable ongoing oversight and improvement of DevOps capability e.g. DevOps practice

A DevOps360 engagement can vary in time and investment depending on the needs of the organisation and what comes out of the diagnostic. Becoming DevOps enabled takes time, but our staged approach sets out clearly defined capability stages for an organisation to work towards at their own pace.

Cygnis typically deploys a small team of consultants on site to sit with key stakeholders to manage the implementation and coach staff on DevOps practices.

First step is the diagnostic, which is typically a 2-3 week exercise involving an online survey, select in-person interviews and presentation of results and recommendations.

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Our DevOps services
  • DevOps360 – bringing DevOps to your organisation
  • DevOps operating model design
  • DevOps solution and vendor selection
  • DevOps effectiveness reviews
  • Selection and implementation of Test/QA automation solutions
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