Our architecture services are for clients that want a business-led architecture that is flexible and evolves as the organisation grows.

The role of IT has profoundly changed. For most businesses today, technology is central to implementing strategy. Organisations are increasingly becoming more like technology companies through fundamental shifts in the role of IT and core IT capabilities.

One of the core challenges for established organisations is the integration of the inevitable patchwork of systems, applications and IT. The need to rapidly add new capabilities further increases the complexity of IT in large enterprises. This leads to significant cost of maintenance and IT change as well as speed of change. As organisations strive to compete with new entrants with no legacy IT or digital natives, organisations are having to think about their IT architecture needs in new and innovative ways.

Cygnis helps our clients adopt a different approach to designing and managing enterprise architecture. We help clients refresh their architectures to support the new business direction, and leverage advances in technology areas such as cloud, SaaS, mobile, digital and analytics. We extend these services with solution and data architectures that support integrated business applications that perform well, are secure and can scale with your business.

Our expert consultants also have deep experience assisting organisations in setting up Architecture functions including design of the function, definition of the architecture process and deliverables, alignment to DevOps and governance.

We believe a well designed enterprise architecture ensures that enterprise IT components are structured to operate day-to-day business activities smoothly and effectively, while fostering agility and differentiation through innovation.

Our architecture approach is to emphasise the need for a design that will work with continual change and is modular enough to accommodate changes in systems and integrations without having to redesign the whole architecture. The rise of digital and the administration of business applications by business teams has also necessitated the need for architecture to be more flexible and able evolve as business needs change.

Our architecture consultants have well rounded experience and business context. We believe that effective enterprise architecture encompasses both business and technology and requires a broad range of experience, knowledge and skills; not just technical. Our consultants work with clients to develop a modern IT architecture that improves their business performance, puts front line staff in control where it makes sense and driving revenue, flexibility and speed, while optimising IT spend.

Our architecture services
  • Enterprise architecture modelling and assessment
  • Target enterprise architecture design
  • Enterprise architecture governance design
  • Solution architecture
  • Technology innovation insights
  • Capability uplifts and establishment of architecture teams
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