Our digital strategy services are for clients who want to lead the pack in new ways to serve their customers better.

Digitalisation is altering the nature of consumerism, business and competition. Part business, part creative, part technology, digital strategies raise fundamental questions around an organisation’s activities and purpose.

Digital allows new market entrants to come from unexpected places or pivot their core goods and services to meet new consumer demand. We see software companies developing financial products and taxi companies, consumers are increasingly buying their groceries online and mobile devices are becoming a ubiquitous channel for customers to interact with goods and services. Your cohort of competitors is not what it used to be.

At Cygnis we’ve helped organisations articulate digital as a business strategy. The business strategy fundamentals of cost advantage or superior differentiation still hold true, but the ways in which digital ways of working, channels and technologies have reshaped the landscape and have radically changed the set of choices available to organisations.

High-end technology solutions, marketing automation, analytics and access to new channels like social media and mobile apps are now relatively low cost and are powerful capabilities that can be harnessed not only by large corporates but by small organisations. Organisations can attack specific areas of the value chain rather than having to own the whole thing, allowing different services to be stitched together more quickly and cheaply.

We believe the biggest challenge towards having an effective digital strategy and capability is thinking digital is just about having fancy technology or thinking its only for the marketing team.

Without having a clear and coherent digital strategy as part of the organisations broader business strategy that is aligned with the leadership there is a significant risk of only achieving poor value in digital investment, lack of buy-in from staff and ultimately customer satisfaction. The diagram below illustrates different digital paths that can be taken. Those organisations that treat digital as only a technology investment will not achieve the level of digital maturity without a strong digital vision and strategy, supported by a capable leadership team.

We believe that in order for organisations to be successful in this digital future they must rethink the impact of digital on their business strategy and invest in initiatives that will have the biggest impact.

Digital initiatives can be broad and diverse, such as:

  • Customer service journeys and touchpoints
  • Lean and enterprise agility
  • Analytics, machine learning, robotics and AI
  • Brand integration and omnichannel experience
  • Human centred design, innovation
  • Empowered decision making and new ways of working
  • Business-led IT, DevOps and continuous software releases

An effective digital strategy is less about making one big bet and more about coordinating and integrating many small bets that connect together. Digital strategies should earn the right for further investment by maintaining a focus on speed and momentum. Early successes build momentum and secure the buy-in needed for later-stage investments.

Our digital strategy services

We offer a broad range of digital strategy services tailored to the needs of your organisation or situation:

  • Digital strategy and transformation
  • Customer analytics and insights
  • Digital marketing and customer engagement
  • Omni-channel strategy

We also bring your digital strategies to life through our implementation and digital integration services.

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