Our enterprise agility services help you adapt to your customer’s needs, empower employees, increase speed and reduce costs.

Our enterprise agility approach and value

It’s an old adage, but just as true today: The customer needs to be at the heart of everything.

Enterprise agility (sometimes known as business agility) describes a company’s ability to respond to customer’s needs and consistently learn and adapt when confronted with complex problems or unforeseen circumstances.

In a practical sense enterprise agility is a way of working that’s about more collaboration with customers and areas of an organisation, better feedback, questioning old routines and constantly identifying new opportunities to improve the customer experience.

These days agile is much more than a software development methodology. It is increasingly being applied to organisations as a whole and the way they work. This wider recognition has resulted in the demand for the application of agile and new ways of working outside of IT and into business functions, such as Operations, Product, Marketing and Sales.

At Cygnis Consulting we believe Enterprise Agility goes hand in hand with the increasing need for organisations to become truly customer centric and provide new or improved services and ways of servicing that engage with changing customer expectations.

Unsurprisingly though enterprise agility provides other benefits beyond the customer experience:

  • Speed to market
  • Waste reduction/less bureaucracy
  • Culture
  • Innovation

Enterprise agility can also mean different things depending on your role:

  • CEO – a more responsive, adaptable and lean organisation with much more focus on the customer
  • Operations – greatly improved prioritisation and resource allocation with more automation and leaner process and greater chance of innovation
  • HR – a more empowered workforce, comfortable with forming their own teams to the needs of the organisation and ultimately being more engaged
  • Finance – a more benefit focused organisation with a less risky or big/expensive approach to managing projects and change, plus speed and waste reduction
  • IT – a closer, more collaborative relationship with business teams rather than traditional supplier relationship

Cygnis Consulting’s approach to developing enterprise agility in a client’s organisation is to investigate forms of enterprise agility out there, in your markets and others and then focus in on the characteristics of agility that best fit with the culture of the organisation:

  1. Identify what good looks like – research or conduct a study tour within your industry and outside to get a fresh and diverse perspective on how other organisations are creating unique customer experiences, how they are innovating, how they are promoting an employee-driven culture and tackling the move from legacy technology to digital
  2. Align agility to your strategy – we believe agility is an enabler; not a strategy in itself. Describe how agility will help enable each of your organisation’s strategies. Some characteristics will not be required or not make sense for your strategies so filter them out early
  3. Define enterprise agility principles – we recommend developing a set of principles on how you want agility to work across the main operating elements of your organisation e.g. culture, organisational structure, governance and decision making, process and technology
  4. Sell the need for enterprise agility – gain the buy in of the organisation, from leadership to the customer-facing workforce. With the link to strategy and clear principles for how enterprise agility will present itself in your organisation you can develop and communicate the change
  5. Regularly assess your enterprise agility – our experience has shown that agility improves in pockets within an organisation. Some teams are more naturally agile than others. Identify areas that are working to the enterprise agility principles and being effective and those that need help. Our Agile360 enterprise agility health check is a great way to assess enterprise agility

Enterprise agility takes time. There are no quick fixes.

It’s important to look beyond individual projects or teams, such as IT, and assesses how the whole organisation is applying agile and how that delivers greater innovation, improved collaboration and greater response to customer’s needs.

Our enterprise agility services

We offer a broad range of enterprise agility services tailored to the needs of your organisation or situation:

  • Enterprise agility planning and establishment
  • Enterprise agile operating model design
  • Agile360 – our unique enterprise agility “health check” assessment

We’ll help you become an agile organisation.

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