Our project portfolio management (PPM) services ensure you get greater visibility, investment control and more bang for your project buck.

Project portfolio management, sometimes called portfolio management or PPM, is a way of managing an organisation’s strategic initiatives delivered through projects and programs. A PPM capability can help leaders gain visibility across the organisation’s strategic needs and manage resources and dependencies more effectively.

PPM, by its very nature is forward looking and adaptive. If you can’t see the future of your organisation by looking at your portfolio, you have less chance of getting there.

At Cygnis we believe project portfolio management works. Organisations with mature project portfolio management practices successfully complete more of their projects and strategic initiatives than those that don’t. Organisations with a mature project portfolio management are more likely to deliver the right projects at the right time and close down those that no longer add value. They fail less often and waste less money.

Our approach to PPM is to keep it simple and unambiguously connected to strategic goals and outcomes. We believe it is essential to actively manage your portfolio of strategic initiatives through regular risk, investment and resource allocation decisions and through a sharp focus on strategy implementation to succeed.

Greater success can be achieved by following these four PPM principles:

  • Explicitly connect project execution to strategy – A portfolio management infrastructure that aligns projects and programs to an organisation’s strategic roadmap will stand a better chance of achieving strategic goals
  • Keep it simple – PPM’s can be overly complex and academic in their methods. The less complicated the approach to portfolio management, the more likely an organisation will use it and sustain its success. This means narrowing project inputs and data to those that will really move the dial or are critical to enabling better decision making
  • Gain leadership buy-in – It can be easy for business line leaders to get jaded by a central office tool or process like PPM, however by demonstrating the value of PPM by making predictions and recommendations and providing insight leaders will more likely value it and want to use it
  • Keep it fresh – Successful PPMs are those that evolve with the organisation and ensure that those that manage PPM capabilities remain fresh, challenging and independent of the day-to-day project execution. PPM can be a great career option for up and coming operations managers or senior managers who want to get more exposure across their organisation

When applied properly, PPMs can help leaders make better organisational decisions around risks, investments and resources and have better visibility and command of the organisational levers that will ensure strategies are delivered successfully.

Our project portfolio management (PPM) services
  • Design and establishment of project portfolio management (PPM)
  • Selection and implementation of PPM tools and methods
  • Management of your PPM
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of your PPM
  • Facilitate planning and prioritisation discussions from strategy workshops
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