Our project managers are experienced enough to know that great projects are all about bringing the best out of people towards a common set of goals.

Project management is a polarising role in many organisations, but is more important now than ever.

Project management is such a ubiquitous profession now that in many its original purpose has become lost: replaced by prescriptive methodologies, governance that adds dubious value and an overly risk averse culture.

It’s no wonder that some agile ways of working think there is no need for project managers and that teams should be self organising and autonomous.

At Cygnis we believe projects have a greater chance of success when they have a professional project manager leading the planning and delivery to that plan. But, we also believe that great project management is about leadership and support of people on the team; not just project plans, spreadsheets or paperwork.

A great project manager is experienced at setting up and leading high performing teams and bringing out the best in them towards a common set of goals.

That’s why all of Cygnis’ project managers are experienced team leaders who know when to use project techniques to help guide the work and when to lean out and just support capable people to do what they do best.

Our project managers work with clients to ensure management focus is on strategy execution and delivering the benefits.

We approach the development of project and programme management through a relentless focus on the outcomes. We use many different project management techniques, frameworks and methodologies, but are deliberately not prescriptive to any one in particular as we believe they are all valuable depending on the type of project or programme.

Our project and programme managers can manage the end to end lifecycle of your projects or parachute in half way through or if the project is failing and needs recovered quickly.

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Our project management services
  • Project management
  • Programme management
  • Business case development
  • Traditional or agile project planning
  • Project financials management
  • Project management training and coaching
  • Project resourcing (permanent and interim)
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