Our project assurance services will uncover hidden risks, avoid project failure and give you confidence in completion.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees.

Project management and delivering large or complex initiatives is difficult, full of risk and unknowns, so it’s no surprise that some project teams and leaders can lose sight of the original purpose of a project or struggle to stay true to project management practices.

The need to continuously assess projects against their objectives and delivery quality remains. It’s an effective way to ensure consistency, mitigate against project failure, delays or cost overruns and help get projects back on track and keep them there.

At Cygnis project assurance is one of our most requested implementation services. Our experts have the know-how and tools to independently evaluate projects and provide insights for successful execution.

Our assurance services have been developed for different delivery approaches, whether traditional, agile or a hybrid. We use online surveys and scoring methods to identify and predict project risks across typical success factors of a project as well as risks that are specific to your project and organisation.

The diagram above illustrates the status of typical project success factors, such as budget, scope, schedule and benefits. Our approach is quantitative as well as qualitative to give you not only the ability to assess effectiveness at stages of a project on a common basis, but also to get pragmatic and insightful commentary and actions on the overall health.

We break down the symptoms to identify the underlying root causes for project failure or issues. Our consultants have the experience and skills to quickly get to the heart of your project and make recommendations on what needs to change to have a better chance of success. We leverage our industry reach to benchmark your projects against similar projects and organisations.

Assurance, post implementation reviews and health checks can be tailored to provide you more control of how and when they are performed (and to keep the cost and effort required for a repeatable assurance review low).

Our project assurance online tools are easy to deploy and allow everyone in a project to have their say as well as providing more statistical weight to trends and survey responses.

Whether you are directly involved in running or overseeing projects or you’re a head of an audit or assurance function we can provide you with an independent assessment on the current status of your projects in addressing the risks that may threaten success or with support to keep them on track.

Our project assurance services
  • Traditional health checks and assurance reviews
  • Assurance reviews specifically for agile and iterative delivery projects
  • Online surveys and predictive project risk management
  • Project assurance and health checks as-a-service (repeatable and cost effective)
  • Lessons learned workshops
  • Post implementation reviews
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