Our change management services take the guess work out of your change journey.

The pace of business is accelerating and organisations must change in response, yet most change programs fail. Why is that?

Traditional change management has been around for decades, but at Cygnis we believe the same old change management approaches aren’t enough anymore. They are either too light on detail or abstract to be practical. On top of this, many initiatives confuse change management with other areas of change such as project management, communications, business readiness or training.

We believe a systematic approach to implementing change is the key to success. Our approach to change management helps clients overcome the odds of failure by predicting, measuring and managing the risks associated with change from day one.

Our approach starts by working with clients to set clear expectation of what change management is and what it isn’t in the context of a typical project or change initiative within an organisation.

Change management is about developing an understanding and conviction of the change that is coming, reinforcing changes and progress through formal mechanisms and reporting, developing talent, skills and the drive in people to adopt and be advocates of the change.

Our approach breaks this down into four components:

  • Understanding – understanding the change that is coming and embracing it
  • Predicting – articulating what the future will look like and how it will get there
  • Measuring – accurately measuring progress of change and readiness
  • Preparing – developing people’s skills, talents so they are prepared and ready

Strategies, processes and technology alone do not deliver results. It takes people to prepare, accept, adopt, drive, and sustain the change to realise tangible and long term benefits.

Organisations that put their people at the heart of change are more likely to deliver successful outcomes. Successful change happens when people understand the opportunities and challenges ahead, and embrace what’s possible.

Talk to us today on how we can help your organisation stand the best chance of success in your organisational change or complex project.

Our change management services
  • Establish a change management program and approach
  • Lead change management for your organisational change or complex project
  • Change readiness assessments
  • Build internal change management capability
What to read next

We also recommend reading the book “Leading Change” by John Kotter, 2012.

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