We’ll help you modernise your business processes to create the intelligent ERP and workflow experience that your employees and customers expect.

Staying relevant in today’s digital revolution requires organisations to reimagine how they engage with both customers and employees. In order to deliver the integrated, mobile and interactive experience these users demand, organisations are increasingly automating workflows and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Cygnis believes that integrating workflow and ERP systems will create a more seamless, modern experience for your users. Automating workflows across the enterprise can help improve the quality of your service delivery, increase efficiency and visibility, enhance reporting capabilities and much more.

Although the concept sounds daunting, modern workflow and ERP solutions make such integrations easier and more affordable than ever.

At its core, ERP is a technology for building new connections and optimising how work gets done in interconnected ways. That’s especially true in the case of a workflow management system, which sets up tasks, runs processes and monitors activity with the broad goals of increasing productivity, reducing costs and improving information exchange within an organisation.

Integrating ERP and workflow can help solve business challenges such as:

  • Bringing customer service teams closer to product and back office teams
  • Automating high volume, repeatable tasks such as onboarding of new customers or product fulfilment
  • Being more proactive to customer queries and requests and enabling self-service
  • Connecting all customer activity to better understand and service their needs
  • Reducing data errors and manual/rekeying of information between systems

Integrating ERP and workflow breaks down siloes between departments and teams. It enables people and processes to work smarter and in more connected ways.

Our team of experts can help you expand the reach and value of your ERP and workflow by designing and building integrations to meet your organisation’s unique business needs. Our managed services include system architecture, developer services, project management, support and more.

ERP and workflow integrations translate into a happier, more productive workforce, smarter customer service, increased operational efficiency and reduced cost. Seizing the opportunity now, rather than later, to integrate your workflow and ERP will set you up for future success and growth.

Speak to Cygnis today to discuss how we can integrate your ERP and workflow solutions today.

Our ERP and workflow integration services
  • ERP and workflow development and architecture
  • ERP and workflow systems integration
  • ERP and workflow managed services (support and enhancements)
  • Robotic process automation
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