We’ll help you build better relationships with your leads and customers by integrating your CRM, website and marketing tools together.

There’s no denying that customers are the lifeblood of every business. How you build and maintain relationships with customers will determine your future success. The advent of cloud-based customer relationship technology has given organisations more opportunities than ever to develop meaningful interactions with their customers and to provide exceptional customer service.

That’s why we believe every organisation needs a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, no matter how large or small that organisation is.

However, a CRM is only as good as the data it receives. Many organisations fail to integrate their website or their marketing tools with their CRM and suffer poor data quality, difficult access to information and a lot of manual effort to get a meaningful view of your customers.

A CRM that integrates with your website and marketing tools provides insights into your customers’ buying behaviour. A CRM can show you when and where a potential customer first interacts with your brand whether via your website, through direct marketing materials or social media. This wealth of information enables you to provide tailored product information to your customers. We believe it is critical that these systems are integrated to maximise your organisations ability to gain value through customer insights and actions.

At Cygnis we are regularly asked by clients why they should integrate their websites and marketing tools with their CRM. Some common benefits are:

  • Accurate, automated and integrated access to the latest lead and customer data
  • Reduced administration and manual, error prone, labour on data
  • Better ability to profile customers and leads
  • Improved likelihood of sales and converting leads
  • More connected customer service across channels

The benefits are clear, however practically integrating these systems can be a significant challenge. It requires a coordinated and logical integration approach, technical experience and skills in integrating, configuring and setting up systems as well as a pragmatic mindset to ensure the integration adds value to your organisation.

Cygnis digital integration experts focus on five fundamental aspects when integrating CRMs with other systems such as websites and marketing applications:

  • CRM – your CRM should be your source of truth for customer data. It’s critical this has been set up correctly and is widely used and adopted by your customer-facing teams
  • Data – data is at the heart of system integrations. The lead, customer, product and activity data must be logically structured and mapped between systems so they can talk to each other
  • Integration set-up – only then is the technical environment set up for the integration between the systems. This involves either native information sharing or the development of web services and APIs to enable the sharing of information between systems
  • Reporting – having the ability to gain insight into all that data is critical to making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions. Pulling the data together to report summarised and connected data is critical for all staff; not just management
  • Training – technology can be hard to understand and use that’s why our integration approach doesn’t stop with the technical integration. Providing training and championing best practices and adoption of the systems is critical to making it an everyday part of doing business

While a CRM, websites and marketing applications are great additions to your business, combining them creates a powerful engine to supercharge your prospecting, sales and customer service. With the ability to keep track of the pipeline as well as communicate with customers, integration is critical for any business to remain effective.

Speak to Cygnis today to discuss how we can integrate your CRM, websites and marketing tools today.

Our CRM, website and marketing integration services
  • CRM strategy definition
  • Design and technical integration of CRM with websites and marketing applications
  • Configuration of CRM and other integrated systems with email and telephony
  • User adoption of CRM and other integrated systems
  • Staff training on systems and best practice use
  • Project management of CRM, website and marketing integration
  • Review of effectiveness of CRM, website and marketing integrations
  • Ongoing support, upgrades, enhancements and hosting solutions
  • Vendor selection and procurement management
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