We help superannuation providers help Australians with better ways to plan and save for retirement through the use of technology and digital channels and efficient operating models.

The Australian Superannuation industry has been around since the 1990s and is there to help Australian’s better plan and save for retirement. With an ageing population Australia’s retirement needs have never been more important.

The compulsory nature of superannuation (compulsory employer contributions to superannuation funds) has resulted in Australia becoming one of the largest holders of pension fund assets in the world. It is a multi-trillion dollar financial market.

Our experienced superannuation consultants work with Australia’s leading Super funds, Banks and super providers to address issues on topics ranging from market research, member service excellence, omnichannel and use of digital services and integration with outsourced operations and technology partners.

Australian’s have a great deal of choice in which superannuation providers to go with. Increasing awareness of the choices available and providing education on how best to plan and save for retirement is an important part of what great super providers provide to their customers every day.

As younger Australians begin their saving journey, super providers also support financial literacy by building smarter services and technologies that are easier to understand and use. Customers are increasingly beginning their investment journeys online: searching for super providers, making comparisons, selecting financial advisers and following social media or online forum recommendations.

We help superannuation providers develop digital marketing capabilities, create online applications and services and provide insights into how customers and members engage with their super provider so that they can continually improve engagement and provide customers and members with a fantastic service.

We keep up-to-date with the evolving market trends and industry topics to ensure our consultants aren’t just training on the job. Our pragmatic approach is due to our hands on experience and by actively listening to the needs of our clients.

Examples of our work

Recent engagements for superannuation clients include:

  • Developed a digital marketing strategy for a leading Super fund
  • Provided recommendations on how to improve member engagement and leverage existing investment in CRM and web-based applications to members for an Industry Fund
  • Performed assurance on a superfund administrator’s technology capability to provide comfort to the Super trustee on technology operations and cybersecurity
  • Implemented changes to superannuation administration systems in line with the ATO’s SuperStream obligations
  • Conducted analysis of an operating model to identify efficiencies and way to improve the member experience for a Melbourne based Super fund
Our superannuation services

Cygnis works closely with superannuation clients in Sydney and Melbourne:

  • Facilitate strategy development discussions and planning
  • Develop strategy implementation plans and roadmaps
  • Conduct market research to support strategy assumptions and formulation
  • Operating model reviews and redesign
  • Design and establish large programmes of work
  • Review and uplift member services capability
  • Review and uplift distribution capability, especially with financial advisers
  • Support implementation of projects
  • Provide a variety of technology strategy and implementation services

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