We help private equity and venture capital firms support Australian start-ups and private businesses with innovative management approaches, due diligence support and identifying efficient use of capital.

The private equity industry is well established in Australia and makes a significant economic and employment contribution to Australia.

Venture capital investment in Australia might be small compared to the USA, but Australian start-ups attract increasing levels of investment, both from local and international investors.

Private equity (PE) and Venture capital (VC) investors are involved in a wide range of industries including: manufacturing and utilities, technology, trade, health and other services.

Both PE and VC investment have a significant impact on the operational and management structures of the companies they invest in and add much needed capital and expertise to help them grow.

But, investing in private companies or start-ups is inherently risky and PE and VC firms always need to find ways to work harder and smarter if they are to generate superior returns and value.

Taking a portfolio approach to investments is critical to spreading the risk and due diligence ensures every investment opportunity is weighed up in terms of the risks and the opportunities.

Our consultants help PE and VC firms identify investment opportunities and perform due diligence. We help our PE and VC clients bring a greater sense of urgency to their investment’s management teams with clear expectations on growth and timeline to value.

At Cygnis we also work with our PE and VC client’s management teams to provide unambiguous focus on shareholder expectations and establish significant management and operational improvements and a drive for innovation.

At Cygnis we recognise that private equity and venture capital backed companies face a unique set of challenges, characterised by not only their ownership and funding structure, but also the lifecycle they follow through the investment period.

Our pragmatic and outcome-focussed approach ensure you make the best investment decisions and empower winning management teams to deliver value.

Examples of our work

Our team assists Private equity and Venture capital clients across Australia:

  • Provided market and competitor intelligence to a venture capital firm to help them short list growth segments within Australian FinTech
  • Performed IT due diligence (DD) on a national financial services company on behalf of a leading Australian private equity firm
  • Conducted buyer, user and industry expert interviews for a VC fund contemplating an investment in a software-as-a-service provider
  • Worked closely with a PE-owned HR software management team to re-focus their growth strategy and future operating model
  • Analysed the sales history and pipeline of a PE-owned subscription-based technology firm to identify cross-sell potential and new pricing strategies
  • Assisted with digital and customer strategy development and financial targets for a credit solution provider to give the VC-firm owner clarity on growth path

We provide a full range of services across the investment life cycle: from deal generation to due diligence to portfolio value creation and exit planning.

Our private equity and venture capital services

Cygnis works closely with PE and VC clients in Sydney and Melbourne:

  • Conduct market and competitor intelligence
  • Facilitate strategy development discussions and planning
  • Develop strategy implementation plans and roadmaps
  • Perform IT Due Diligence on potential investments
  • Improve sales effectiveness and develop growth strategies
  • Analyse sales history and practices to determine new pricing strategies and revenue opportunities
  • Provide advisory and implementation services to management teams
  • Provide a variety of technology strategy and implementation services

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