A few of the Cygnis team were fortunate enough to attend the AFR Banking and Wealth Summit this year.

One of the topics that came up again and again was the challenge of technology change and adoption.

Press play below to listen to Cygnis Consulting’s view on this important challenge (jump to 7:30 to hear Bruce Sweeney from Cygnis Consulting).

Our thanks to Gilbert + Tobin for pulling together this audio from many of the delegates.

Some other quick tips for better change and adoption:

  • Define a user experience and use cases upfront – refer to them throughout lifecycle of project
  • Communication with customers will improve customer satisfaction – plan it out and do it regularly
  • Build a user feedback into the change management process – feedback is a gift
  • Don’t just focus on training — focus on change management and adoption practices as well
  • Measure adoption – define it, quantify it and report on it regularly so you can improve it

If you want to learn more or would like to discuss how to embed change management in your technology projects or how to gain better adoption of change then contact Cygnis Consulting.