Founded in 2016, we bring together business insight, hands-on strategy execution experience and digital and technology know-how to deliver long lasting improvements for our clients.
We provide consulting services across strategy, operations, change, technology and digital as well as project and technology services and solutions.
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Our clients are Australian private and public organisations from typically the financial, government or consumer sectors. Our clients are either large or complex organisations requiring transformation in the way they work, the way they manage change or the way they serve their customers.
We work with leaders in sales, marketing, digital, operations, finance and IT helping them develop or deliver changes to their strategies, their operating model or bringing new digital and technology innovations to their customers or their employees.
Our clients value a consulting experience, but without the big branded price tag. Cygnis Consulting fills the gap in the market between expensive big branded consultancies and the long tail of small, one-person consultancies and contractors.
Our clients choose us because:
  • We are a team of experienced, time-served consultants who take accountability for delivery
  • We work in small experienced teams rather than leaving it to juniors to learn on the job at the client’s expense
  • We provide client value through actions and tailored insights rather than presenting generic powerpoint packs
  • We are significantly more cost effective and value for money than the big branded consultancies
Pragmatism is at the heart of our consulting approach.
We are relentlessly focused on ensuring all our ideas, designs and efforts have a practical application that our clients value.
At Cygnis Consulting our purpose is to help our clients make long lasting improvements to their organisation.
When working with our clients and our colleagues we:
  • Act with integrity – act as if our personal reputations were at stake
  • Be pragmatic – always apply a healthy dose of common sense
  • Keep close – actively listen, adapt our style and stay close
  • Bring ideas to life – using our experience and delivery mindset
Our values underpin the decisions and actions we make every day. It’s how we do business.